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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt's been 5 years since the first day of painting in my little purpose built studio and not a day has passed where I haven't felt grateful for my space and the ability to paint without constraint. Prior to my own atelier, I used a spare room in the house, spare as in the kids also used this room as a playroom until my mess overcrowded theirs. What an incredible 5 years it has been! Thank you to everyone that has followed my journey so far. It is very humbling to have the support of so many people and to know that there is a happy little cheer squad watching out for me. Thank you.
copyright 2011 Mia Laing/mymiasart.com My first Painting from my new studio - 2012 -'Long Summer Day'
This painting holds so many special memories - first painting from my studio, first launch into blogging, first entry into a major art prize (Perth Royal Agricultural Show 2012) and it's still my profile picture for My Mia's Art on Facebook, flaws and all. Oh, so many flaws. I really should repaint this one and see just how much I have changed.
copyright Mia Laing 2016 Nothing Gold Can Stay - oil on canvas 2016 24x30' / 61x 76cm NFS
'Nothing Gold Can Stay' is the last finished painting from my studio this year. With over 120 paintings, many group exhibitions, a few prizes, numerous sales and a three person show in between these two paintings...I hope I have learnt something! One thing I have learnt is that inspiration ebbs and flows. I am currently undergoing a period of lost mojo. The exhibition really has zapped my zeal, left me bereft of a goal and put me into a go-slow zone, but instead of wallowing in the murky waters of pity, I am busily spending time going through my photos waiting for that one special image to make my paintbrushes twitch. I'm nearly there...I have a few projects mulling around in the ol' brain space that are starting to excite me as I ponder them more intricately. I've tidied up my studio, entered a few art prizes, conquered paperwork piles and had a thoroughly good time seeking inspiration on Pinterest. Go with the peaks and troughs of creativity...but don't use the troughs as an excuse to be lazy, do something daily to remind yourself you actually are a practising artist! In other news, I won a prize last week! 'Best Oil' at the West Australian Society of Arts annual show. Yeah! Totally unexpected. There are so many amazing artists in Western Australia, the diversity always astounds me at these shows and I know the judge of any art show has a difficult decision to make.
copyright Mia Laing 2015 'Drift' oil on canvas 30x30inches - Winner 'Best Oil' at the West Australian Society of Arts annual Show 2016
I don't know what a judge looks for to select a winner, but what I do know, is that each and every prize I have won, has been for a painting I have put my heart and soul into; that has filled me with joy for every moment I have painted it. That's why I'm taking my time to seek the right image to paint next. I really want to be excited by the prospect of what I'm to paint, to know that the painting is going to speak of this enjoyment to future judges, collectors and art patrons. I cannot wait to see what they next 5 years brings to my art journey. I certainly hope you lot are still out there cheering me on! Mia x
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