Happy Collectors

  • Fresh As A Daisy - Original

    Arrived in perfect condition (Perth to Queensland) I get to see this every time I am in my kitchen. Robyn

  • Those Sweet Sunday Mornings and Bellissimo Two Originals

    We are almost finished renovating the equestrian farm we purchased in the southern highlands in NSW. These two are hanging in the butlers pantry. I like the feel and colours...Greek islands vibe...with lots of natural stone throughout the house. Wonderful pieces. Natalie

  • White Flowering Gum - Original

    Your art work arrived and it’s beautiful.Thankyou for sending it so quickly. Alison

  • Secret Life of Pets Series - Originals x5

    I so love walking up and down my stairs enjoying these fabulous creatures! Paula

  • Out Of The Shadows - Original

  • Perfect Pears and Gum Blossom - two originals

  • Turkish Delight - Original

  • Man In The Middle - Original

    I've just joined your mailing list...I bought this about 6 years ago in Claremont. I love it. So does everyone else.

  • Cascade - Original

  • Cleared For Landing - Original

  • Christmas Commission - Original

  • Surf's Up - Original

  • Statuesque - Original

  • Mackie and Bluey - Commission Original

  • A Little Ray of Sunshine - Original

  • Pink and Grey - Original

  • Gypsy Rose - Pet Portrait Original

  • Road Trippin - Original

  • Maggie May - Print

  • Beauty Tulips, Red Gum Blossom and White Gum Blossom x3 Originals

  • The Fringe Dweller - Original

  • Mojito Blue - Original

  • Timeless - Original

    Thanks Mia! I bought this one and I'm so happy having it here. Amazing work. After I saw it I kept thinking about it, went back a week later. Its amazing. Ryan

  • Commission to London UK

    This Image doesn't even do this incredible painting justice. This was a 40th gift idea by Jon, bought to life by my big sis and professional artist, Mia - Still welling up each time I gaze at it. Thank you Mia! And for shipping it over safely from Perth, Australia! The beach at Cocklawburn in Northumberland is a special place and the most magical beach.