A weekend Away to Eat, Rest and Play

Home life and work life have been a bit crazy of late and the work/life balance has been very out of kilter. Dudie has been working long, long hours, setting up a new business that opens in September and that he has been working towards for 4 years. He has been doing little more than checking in at home for food refuelling, a spot of channel hopping on the T.V and crashing for some much-needed sleep before starting all over again. Basically, between his busy-ness and the girl's activities and my art focus, there have been some days when we have just seemed to be poles apart. With his birthday needing to be celebrated and an official resignation from his job of the last 18 years handed in(!!!) we decided to pack the girl's off to Grandma Min's for two days and head down to our beautiful South West coast, 2 and a 1/2 hours drive from Perth. We went all out and booked into a 5 star resort - Bunker Bay Quay West Resort. I am a Princess and do like a bit of luxury away from home. Luxury and relaxing and beautiful food we got. Conversation...we had conversation! I had forgotten how nice it is to sit over dinner, with a bottle of wine, and just chat, with no interruptions and without the sometimes ridiculous banter of a 15-year-old and 11-year-old in the equation. We drove, we ate, we walked, we stopped to taste wines and to look at craft and we ate some more. Bliss.We found Santa enjoying his summer vacation in Australia!! He filled us in on the footy score...and drew us a map in the sand of a walk we needed to do...Thanks Santa, you are a very funny guy...and Santa's helpers are very pretty these days!Our South West is all about the surf...the younger you start the better...watch out for those sharks though.The walk Santa sent us on was gorgeous. That's Bunker Bay Resort in the far right of the photo. We walked far and we walked fast.It was worth it.Sunday saw us filling our bellies with one of those buffet breakfasts that only resorts know how to do...Bircher museli, fruit, bacon and eggs and everything else in between, plus a big pot of coffee. Hotel breakfasts, how I love you... actually 5 star hotels how I LOVE you. I was banned from photographing the food by Dude. Lucky he let me take photos all the way home!We took the long way home...the scenic route, stopping for gifts for Grandma Min and the girls and bags of mandarins, passionfruit and jams at various orchards. We made some new friends...who we decided not to mess with...standing over 6ft tall, with sharp claws and incredible muscles, these two male Roos were the BIGGEST I have ever seen. I crept as close as I felt was necessary for the purpose of this blog!! You can thank me now... they were two very scary, man killing beasts!I've had my breath of fresh air. We have blown the cobwebs away and are back to the realities of life once more...but I have some country sunshine in my thoughts and that feels good. Mia x
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