Allsorts of Naughtiness....Slice

You may be aware (or not!) that over on my Facebook page I am half way through a '365 photo a day' project. It has been wonderful...challenging...inspiring...and a brilliant way to push my photography skills to another level. Every day for the last 189 days I have taken a photo (or 25) and posted one of these on Facebook...with a quote that fits with the theme of the photograph. If you use Facebook, come on over and LIKE to see the rest of the year unfold. There have been some days where I have had to really push myself to come up with an acceptable photo...lets face's near impossible to make everyday an interesting day. Some days I may not have even left the house; have painted all day; have had a sick child or have just been plain out of ideas! On days such as these, the teacups get photographed; the furchildren become model pets; I spend twenty minutes waiting for a bee to land on a rose... or I make myself bake something. My kids are loving the 365 project. Mum bakes a little more often...Dude and I are also gaining from the project - Yeah...extra rolls of flab. Anyway, yesterday at 3pm I realised I still needed a photo and the light would be fading fast if I didn't get a move on... Welcome to the world "Allsorts of Naughtiness Slice". Originally named "Feed the Possum Slice", I found it via a Facebook chat on Babymac's page (Look her up...she's a very funny gal! Babymac sent out a mayday call for a quick and easy slice for a morning tea - well, you should have seen the slices that got posted in that one conversation!! I grabbed my pen and paper and wrote down every single one of's not often you can get a whole page of people's favourite 10 minute slice recipes. Apologies to whoever posted this recipe...I forgot to write your name down to give you a thank you! So yesterday in my angst to get a decent photo, I made this one. Its good. Perfectly pretty for a photograph and tastes great too...a little too great...I keep going back for more...and sweet stuff and I just don't get on well. You know what I mean...I feel just a little bit icky with all that sugar overload. I had a few asks for the here you are - 125g butter 1 tablespoon golden syrup 1/2 can condensed milk 1 pkt Marie Biscuits (minus 6) 500g licorice allsorts 3/4 cup desiccated coconut 180g chocolate melts (white or milk) Melt butter and golden syrup. Add condensed milk, crushed biscuits (whizz through a food processor or thermomixer to crush to a fine texture) and coconut. Mix well. Add in chopped licorice and mix well. Press into a slice tin (I buttered the tin, but you could line it instead - it came out just fine.) Melt chocolate melts and spread over the biscuit mixture. Refrigerate. When cold and set, slice into squares. moderation or you will feel icky like me! Come on over and play at "My Mia's Art" Facebook page (find the link at the side of this blog...yep just there...keep looking...yep, you got it!) daily, paintings, Instagram, whatever takes my fancy at that moment in time. Mia x
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