An Almost 12 Birthday Party

My Mia's Art Princess Cake
I don't know about you, but birthdays are a special time in our household. My Mama is a true gift giver; every single birthday she has turned into an amazing celebration, with a spoiling of gifts, special dinners and a birthday person 'Big Day Out' or party. It's a tradition that has stuck and I now do for my family. It's birthday week for my little one...12 years old next thursday. 12!!! Where has this time gone? I soooooo easily could have taken the easy way out with this birthday. Life is manic, crazily busy and I'm just on the brink of having too much on my plate and it all spilling's a birthday. P.R.I.O.R.I.T.Y. Last night we celebrated...5 days early, I know, but it was the only time we could fit a party in. That's why we do Birthday WEEK. We tossed around ideas of going out and eating pizza and letting someone else do all the work, but I just couldn't do it. I have always done parties at home for the girls and even with things busier than I have ever known them...a party at home it was to be. What better party to have in our house, than an art party? I try to encourage creativity whenever I can, especially for these technology loving, gadget kids and even though we have had a few non creating parties, mostly the girl's parties have been about making stuff. Last year, Bon and her friends made 'Christmas Ginger Bread Houses'.
My Mia's Art 11th Birthday - Ginger Bread Houses
The year before, they decorated Teddy Bears and the year before that, collage flower gardens. Prior to that? My memory fails me, but I'm sure they made something. My Mia's ArtSo, we grabbed supplies this week from 'Spotlight' and she created painted canvas' with her 5 closest friends. I find the asking of friends so would be lovely to have all the friends and kids of the neighbourhood, but we try really hard to keep the cost minimal and with a craft party, that is quite a hard thing to achieve! Craft parties are not difficult, as long as you are organised! They are messy, no matter what age and with parties involving paint, I certainly wouldn't do it for the younger kiddies! Stick to glue...(Get it?!!) My Mia's ArtI try to make sure each child has their own work area, complete with whatever she needs to create, without having to share...therefore, no waiting, squabbling or knocking over things. Plonk a lemonade or juice box in front of them, a bit of fruit, crank the music and sit the teenage sister at the head of the table to help!!
My Mia's Art A helping hand
My Mia's ArtHaving a Pizza oven certainly helps to feed a crowd...pre made bases, shredded cheese and a huge pile of pizza toppings. Make one type and tell the kids to pick off what they don't like...easier then trying to keep everyone happy. Finish off with Birthday cake and you are done!My Mia's ArtGreat time had by all...and sadly, I think this may be the last craft party for my girls. Big girl had her last creating party at 12. The teenage years call for music and dancing and just hanging out with friends. Craft somehow, suddenly, becomes very 'yesterday'!Happy Birthday Almost 12 year old...I'm so proud of the young lady you are growing into. Now...let me paint!!! Huge landscape Commission almost finished and Year 6 Graduation Photo's taken...currently editing 61 photos ready to be put in frames! Bit busy? Aaaaah, YES! Enjoying it? Definitely. Needing a holiday? this space! Mia x
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