Breathe In, Breathe Out, Repeat

copyright Mia laing 2013 In our spring garden
I bought a new t-shirt the other day. It was cheap and cheerful, perfect for my daily walk with fur child now the weather is warming up and though I don't usually like writing plastered all over a garment, the words of this one caught my eye. "Breathe In, Breathe Out, Repeat." I'm learning to breathe. Through the busyness of raising two teens in our crazy techno world, supporting a husband who works long and involved hours in his own business, trying to be a good enough mother, wife, daughter...all the while trying to stay true to myself, who I am, have been and want to be. I'm learning to breathe to unlock the tangle of conflict between my mother self and my artist's not easy. Creativity can either live or die amidst the juggle. The fate of the creative. The constant maintenance of our ideas, thoughts, feelings. The perpetual seeking of the next project and the next flow of words, images, designs or concepts. All whilst trying to juggle the many hats we need to wear. While trying not be too harsh on ourself, giving credit to our strengths, forgiving our weaknesses and knowing just how far we can push before we cross our energy boundaries... and remembering to just breathe. It's been a boarders weekend, half term, and the girls have had 4 days of down time from school. Bel reminded me of the importance of taking time out from routine to recharge from the pace of our usual week. On saturday, after a good nights sleep and a long walk in the morning sunshine, she declared she felt like gardening....Gardening? She hasn't done that with me in years! She always loved gardening when she was little and before the crushing routine of high school, homework, study and activities. So, we gardened and laughed and pulled weeds and got very, very dirty planting an assortment of new flowers and herbs. She chatted about how nice it was to be in the sun, about how pretty the garden looked already and how great it was to just think about nothing but the gardening. True mindfulness. Invigorated like I haven't seen her in many months, my girl went on to bake biscuits, just because she felt like it...and then she cooked dinner, enjoying every moment. Now, that's breathing. Breathing is about finding meaning in the little things. Stepping away from routine when possible, finding time to do what gives you joy and fulfilment, with mindfulness and gratitude. Slowing down, creating stillness, prioritising. Everything will still get accomplished, but with more care and enjoyment instead of the constant rush from one job to another. Less multitasking in a quest to put your heart into Breathing gives you clarity... and you know what? Clarity gives you creativity! So, go...Breathe In, Breathe Out, repeat!! Mia x
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