Cheats Fried Rice or Empty the Fridge Fun

I love a good shortcut meal, especially on one of those crazy, taxi driver afternoons when you seem to do nothing but run children around. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are like this for me...with a considerable amount of too-ing and fro-ing between the girls after school activities, in two different directions. If I was even remotely organised I could prepare dinner in advance, but considering I often work best flying by the seat of my pants, a meal like this means I can put a healthy, nutritious dinner on the table in less than 15 minutes if I'm focussed...and If I'm not so focussed, like tonight when I'm helping with homework AND blogging whilst I cook dinner, it will take me all of 20 minutes!!! This is how my Cheats Fried rice works...please don't judge me! I use premade, packet, microwave rice, and a BBQ chook for this one...if you have the time and inclination, go ahead, prepare both from scratch! The rice is certainly better when cooked from scratch but this is a meal designed to help with the crazy night dinners. Here we go: 1 packet Bacon or Ham (I use a rindless shortcut bacon or a good quality sandwich ham)- diced small. 1 onion or a few spring onions (or a combination of the two) 2 sticks celery diced Half a large red capsicum diced 1/4 to 1/2 head of broccoli / sugar snap peas/ snow peas or any vegetables you have lurking around in the fridge! 1 Red chili (optional) 1 BBQ chicken Roughly 1 cup of frozen baby peas or frozen peas, corn ,carrot 2 Family sized packets of Microwave, premade Rice - any variety (even brown works!) Soy sauce to Taste (I use a salt reduced variety as the girls love soy sauce and always put an amazing amount on and it makes me feel better knowing its slightly less salty!) Olive oil, sesame oil or peanut oil - your personal preference. ............................................................................................................................................. Fry on medium heat(I use my trusty wok) the bacon, celery, onion and capsicum in olive oil or oil of your choice, until golden. Just plonk it all in together, don't worry about frying the various items individually. Add chopped broccoli /sugar snap peas/snow peas last. Madly pull apart the chicken then chop it, dice it, Jamie Oliver style, fast and furiously. Throw the chicken and frozen veg into the wok with the other ingredients and warm through before adding two packets of 'pre-cooked microwave rice' (no need to microwave, the wok will heat it up) then add a splash of sesame oil/peanut oil (once again, your preference for flavour) and soy sauce. Stir to distribute the sauce and to make sure all the flavours and ingredients are mixed well. Voila! You are done! This makes a huge amount of rice, enough for a family of six or for a family of 4, with lunch box leftovers. All done in 15/20 minutes whilst helping with homework and blogging! It's that easy. Use what veggies you have , it's by no means meant to be a true replica of a traditional fried rice, so go crazy, add your personality and taste, besides it's a brilliant way of using up those last wilted bits of stuff in the veggie crisper. Bon Appetit, Asian style! x Mia
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