For the love of family

I wrote this post a little earlier today, 4am earlier. It's New Years Day and No, it's not my resolution to get up in the early hours of the morning to write!! I felt a little sad as I wrote this blog. Family is like that. They take you from incredible highs to despairing lows in a heart beat. This is the first chance I have had to post it (it's now 9.30pm!) New Years day is coming to an end. Our guests of the last 2 and a half weeks left in the early hours of this morning, hauling their EXCESS Baggage suitcases into the car and heading off to the airport to begin their journey home , back to my brother, Ant and to the land of the shifting sands of Dubai. My gorgeous sister-in-law, Kaz; my Dad, Captain Pops (who is going to visit them now) and my nieces, Brookie Chookie and Darcy Doo Little. How I love them. How I miss them when they are not around and how I wish we were a 'normal' family, living within a "Cooee" and a "may I borrow some sugar?" kind of distance. It's been an incredibly busy few weeks with four extras in the house. Floor spaces shuffled around, four kids of various ages and stages, of various appetites and likes and dislikes. The fridge has been overfull, the laundry over worked, the Wii overplayed and the dog exhausted from over indulgence and extra walks. It's been such fun. Reality kicked in today. 1st January 2012! We got up to a quieter house, that needed a really good sort out, children sad their little cousins have left, but happy to have their rooms back and a slightly heavy heart that wishes we could have done more, one more game, one more cuddle, one more photo. Just more. The distance is so acute. My new years resolutions are thought out, how they are to be played out, time will only tell. But what I do know, is that life carrys on and we will do many more family gatherings, with all the noise and craziness that comes with 3 generations living together under the one roof. And I thank God for it. x Happy New Year
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