Fresh start for the New Year - The Making Of A Writer.

Somewhere in my future plans I envision being a writer.  When the house is down sized and life takes a different path, I would like to be sitting at a keyboard, allowing words to become my creativity, with some art on the side. 

As we all know, any creative pursuit needs practise.  Hour upon hour, day after day, a relentless pursuit of the knowledge that unlocks the habit until the habit becomes as normal as breathing. 

I don't have that with writing.  I barely and rarely sit at my desk and let the words gather freely on the page...and yet I have this dream of one day becoming a writer. 

It's time to put some action behind my dreams.  It's time to create a habit.  Putting it out publicly is hard, but it's a sure fire way of getting some practise in.   

I started this blog way back in 2012, with an audience of just my mum. I had a habit of writing on a Sunday afternoon and it worked.  I wrote about my life, my kids, travel...anything.  I didn't have a plan, I just enjoyed it.  As my art business grew and I got more eyes upon my page,  the worry of putting my kids into the story too often, made me hesitate and pull back from my enjoyable writing time.  

2024 I've decided is the year to get back to the joy of writing.  I have an idea for a quirky, fun (maybe ridiculous) blog series that I'm quietly working on in draft form to see if it could work on a public basis...did I say it was quirky? Yeah.  That's why I hesitate!  

Anyway, let's just see.  I want to add some illustrations and will post it, if and when, I feel it's ready. Watch this space!

For all the writers out there, please email me with any resources you know of to help me get back into my writing. 

Many thanks, 

Mia x

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