How to choose an Artwork - 5 simple Tips.

It's messages like the one above that mean the world to me.  The knowledge that someone has made the choice to invest and follow my work is both inspiring and motivating. The feedback of collector testimonials are like rays of sunshine, brightening my creative journey and reminding me of what an impact art has on people's lives. This one is from a collector who sent me this message after two years of living with their artwork. 

People buy art because it turns blank walls into a visual story. It's like magic for your home – an instant upgrade from 'meh' to 'marvelous.' Its the grown up version of sticky taped posters in a teenagers bedroom, claiming a space, but with way more finesse. 

I've always enjoyed walking into a home with art, especially when the art has been chosen to suit the person, not the couch, but in a vast sea of art, navigating the choice of WHICH artwork can be challenging, so I thought a little post would help. 

Here are 5 simple ways to choose art for your home...

1. Theme and Style - first things first, what's your vibe? Abstract, contemporary, traditional, colourful or prehaps quirky?  I have a collector who buys art with humour...her house is filled with various styles of art, all with an underlying sense of fun. Im thrilled to have 6 of my whimsy animals in her home.  Working out what aesthetic appeals to you, like this collector, will narrow down your search and make the process far easier. 
artwork hanging in a stair well.2. Emotional Connection - Lets get real - we want art to give us all the warm fuzzies and feels, right? Whether art is making you laugh, cry or crave the best pizza you've ever tasted on a holiday you took in 1986,  you should be on the look out for emotional masterpieces that resonate with your soul. 

3. Consider The Space - Its time to play interior designer.  Does the artwork scream living room masterpiece or kitchen conversation starter? Got a wall the size of a movie theatre but only looking at Shelfie sized artworks?  Look for art that not only fits the size of the wall but totally feels at home in the surroundings. 

Artwork with a glass collection


4.  Artistic Investment - Investing in art or investing in your happiness? Investing in the latest and greatest artist as told by the biggest galleries and auction houses, so you can fund your future yacht purchase is a thing, for sure, but maybe you just like a local artist, their stories and values? Investing for potential future wealth is a perfectly good reason to buy art, but investing for your own personal joy is probably easier! 

5. Be a detective.  Uncover the mysteries behind the canvas. Who's the paint splattered person behind the masterpiece?  What's their story? Delve into the artist's background, previous artworks, exhibitions, prizes or media and gain a comprehensive understanding of the artists style and persona before you invest.  Grab your magnifying glass and get researching. 

Buying art isnt just about filling a space; its about turning your home into an inviting and beautiful sanctuary, displaying a gallery of stories. Next time you stop the scroll at an artwork or visit a gallery, have in mind these 5 points and you may find that perfect piece that brings immense joy for years and years.   

Mia x

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