I like Deadlines...give me a deadline.

I've been swanning around for the last 2 weeks pretending I'm not a Mum that paints. Pretending I am not involved in an Expo in one weeks time and pretending I have nothing more pressing to think about then what to make for dinner. School holidays always turn me into a relaxed mama...a mama that likes to sleep in, lounge in Pj's with the kiddy winks, potter in the garden, stalk Facebook and generally enjoy time with my girl's minus a paintbrush in my hand. The reality is that it all ends tomorrow...school's back. My stress levels have been slowly on the rise since this afternoon when I just happened to glance at my diary and see the inevitability of a super busy term. It all starts with the Art Expo next sunday...NEXT SUNDAY!!!! This time next week it will be all done and dusted. Hopefully I will have a few less paintings in my house...or else Dudie's needing to build me a spare room to house them all...along with all the paintings I am planning for the next few months! Any Perth peeps out there - Sunday 21st October ,UWA, 10 -4pm Winthrop and Hackett Hall. Food, music, art...lots of art! Over 40 artists displaying their work, live demonstrations and the Animal Art Awards , with part proceeds from the Expo and from Art Award sales going towards the animal charity SAVE. Come and say Hi - Stand U11. I have "Girl's Best Friend" in the Animal Art Awards - so please Vote!! It's a people's choice award. Mia Laing - mymiasart.comSo anyway, next monday I will have no deadline. No deadline? But I like deadlines...I neeeeeed deadlines. They give me structure...and purpose...and routine and a good ol kick up the butt every now and then. I have to admit, I'm ready for no Expo to be on the imminent horizon. You know that feeling? You dream the dream, you set the goal, you work and work and work to achieve it. Then its straight back to the beginning again...dreaming a new dream. I'm almost there. Not sure what the new dream is yet but that's ok. Dudie has commissioned some seascape paintings for his new office so I guess I will just start there. First things first...Big girl has exams, Little girl has dance concerts and school production and the end of Primary School!! Graduation...it's a big, big deal!! Add into that Christmas shopping and holiday plans and learning a new camera...and I think life is going to be very busy. Busy is good....dreaming up a new dream... Mia x
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