JoySome ideas can rattle around in my head space for a very long time...years in fact. I clipped a photograph out of a magazine about 8 years ago; an image of a little girl playing in the sunlight with bubbles. I loved its imagery, the colour, the play of light, the pure joy that it spoke of. I painted that image, way back then, in acrylics; naively, not really understanding or caring about the copyright issues of using another persons image. What did it matter to me? I was just a mum playing around with paint as a hobby. Well, now I'm just a mum AND an artist, playing around with my paints seriously, trying to work it as a profession and now I realise, copyright matters. How things change. My thoughts have developed and my knowledge of the business of art has grown. It is important to understand the intricate issue that is copyright. Copyright, love it or hate it, it's there for a reason and needs to be adhered to. My painting style has matured...and progressed, though I'm not going to show you that first painting - copyright issues and all! So, with this idea of a child playing in the sunlight with bubbles, just crying out to be painted in my own way, with my own daughter, and being the good law-abiding citizen I am...I took Bon down to the park with 2 huge bottles of bubble mixture and two compliant teenagers willing to blow themselves silly and took about 5 million photos to try to capture a similar, but different, image to the one I had loved for so long. Hope you like it. It's my entry for the Perth Royal Agricultural Show open art exhibition in September this year...ready months early but that is how I rock n roll; early bird that catches the worm and all that. Plus it gives me plenty of time to paint a whole lot of other ideas that are just waiting to be started. I'm sure I will do a little tweaking of this painting yet...even today after completely packing up my studio and cleaning my brushes, I added a few brush strokes after seeing it in the different light of the main house. "An artist never really finishes his work: he merely abandons it." (Paul Valery) Getting ready to 'abandon' this painting... x Mia
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