Life At The End Of A Paintbrush - Perth Artist Mia Laing, September 2020

My art business has been incredibly busy during these crazy Covid times. I thought art life would grind to a halt, but it's been totally the opposite of that.

Western Australia has effectively and firmly bubble wrapped itself from the rest of Australia and the world. It's the one time that being the most isolated capital city on the planet has been in our favour, with very few cases or deaths. Praying it stays this way.

My heart goes out to those suffering. You are in my prayers.

Being mega busy has meant I've completely lost track of what's going on from month to month. Scrawled bits of paper as my diary system and my instagram page seem to be the only way I remember what I've done from one day to the next.

I pondered whilst I painted yesterday and decided I need to use this space to keep track of everything that goes on, almost like a diary, albeit a rather public one! Haha, there will be no 'Dear Diary' entries here; just musings on the month that was and plans for the month yet to come.

So here we go - September Happenings

I had the awesome privilege of working in partnership with Bluethumb art and Disney Plus Australia in August, creating an oil painting for the launch of the movie 'The One and Only Ivan.' I wrote a small article on it here. I was so happy to hear that the winner of my original painting, Ashara, the mini zookeeper, is a young wildlife warrior, following in Bindi Irwin's footsteps. She has a true heart for wildlife and was over the moon to win my painting.

Lalalandshop, the licensing company I have worked with for two years, have launched a few of my new greeting cards (more to come) and a tea towel and tin tray and two sizes of greeting cards are now available featuring my Kookaburra (currently both are sold out, more coming soon). Its such a buzz to walk into a retail shop and find products on display with my artwork on it! Oh My, what a feeling after a decade of hard work. The link to my Lalaland listing is here. Online shopping is mega easy with them and they offer a discount for your first purchase, so make it a good one and stock up for Christmas now. Their retailers are Australia wide and you can find a map of shops on their web. The original to the Kookaburra is sold, but prints are available.

Last week I was introduced to a new business opening locally to my home, Urban Soul Foods on Rokeby Road, Subiaco. It's the second shop run by Paolo and Aimee Butto; they are a specialist gourmet food and coffee shop, also selling bespoke handcrafted items from local suppliers. My electrician was hanging their lights and mentioned my art, noting they had a couple of bare walls and within 24 hours we had a hanging rail and a selection of my art hanging for the opening night. It's the perfect paintings for a food shop. Win, win. Perth locals, get on in for some great food, coffee and art all in one spot.

LC Caffe in Davies Road, Claremont, is another gorgeous cafe that hangs my artworks. Ive been in this space for over a year now and change over my artwork every 12 weeks or so. Its been a wonderful spot for my art and the owners have received some lovely feedback. There's a spring exhibition this month, with a floral focus. BTW, there's a LC Caffe discount for spring which has seen a few paintings finding new homes. Being part of these local businesses is a wonderful part of my art journey. I enjoy adding to the beauty and ambience of these local businesses and it moves art out of my house and onto walls where it can be seen on a daily basis.

New Paintings For September

Somehow I've managed a few good paint sessions...gosh paint days are hard to find when life gets busy beyond the studio. I've learnt to carve out a few hours whenever I can and other days I push life aside and stay put for 5 or 6 hours at my easel. A chiropractor is needed those days!

The four paintings I've finished this month have all been completely different from each other... HaHa! Multipotenialite is my game.

A large scale imaginative realism piece has finally been finished and is off to the photographer. I am soooo loving this new magic realism, surrealism series. This one is 'Sitting Pretty', it's an 100x100cm oil on canvas.

I started this painting at Gallery360. this month. They have introduced an 'Artist In The Window' with a new artist painting in gallery each Saturday morning. A fun way to meet clientele and show the diverse artist styles. Ive got a number of my imaginative realism pieces in this renowned gallery.

Ive had a pet portrait commission this month...two Swiss Shepherds, which has been incredibly fun; an easy going client has made it even more enjoyable. I will do a post soon about the process of commissioning an oil painting, it's quite involved and takes some logistics to help it along.

My third piece is a beach landscape that I just couldn't resist when I saw the photo. The original photo is by Tom Walker. Tom is a friend of my daughters and was more than happy for me to paint his photo, 'Boyz'. 76x100cm oil on canvas. 'Boyz' is heading down to Yallingup Galleries in the next few weeks.

Lastly, Ive finished my entry to the York Botanical Art award, an inaugural award that I'm very proud to be a finalist for. I can't show my painting yet, but I'm very happy with it. Follow along with my newsletter to hear the exhibition details next month.

What's on soon...

October is shaping up to be another great month. The City of Melville Art award runs from 10-18th October Details here . My entry is 'The Girl In The Dress'.

The York Botanic Art Prize opens on the 2nd of November. Mark your diaries now!

The Girl In The Dress Oil On canvas 2019 100x100cm

Well, that's it for now. Wishing you blue skies and sunshine, a paintbrush in your hand or art upon your walls.

Mia x

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