Little Things Small Affordable Artworks 2024

Watercolour on paper

2023 saw me downsizing my art to little manageable paper artworks in-between the larger pieces. As we all know, the economy has been really tough and I was battling through some very difficult months in my personal life (which is why I've been so quiet on my newsletter and blog).

Making these little artworks became such a daily joy.  They were made in small moments of time, whilst sitting at the dining room table, all the bits and bobs I needed to make them kept in a small basket.  I painted in a variety of mediums -  watercolour, gouache, graphite and even casein, so they challenged my knowledge and gave me some enjoyable downtime.  

Each day I posted a little artwork to my instagram page, with a small price and ready to be sent over the next few days.  I sold almost daily and it became a regular little income.  My collectors often came back for a second or third piece (or five!) and would send me photos when they were framed. 

So with such a positive response in 2023, Im making these part of my art practise in 2024.  I won't post them daily this year, as I have a major exhibition I am working towards and want to make sure my bigger paintings get the attention they need.  I will post my 'Little Things' small artworks every few posts on my instagram, so please be sure to follow along there. 

Mia x



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