Nanna Nap Negotiators

copyright 2013 Mia Laing With over 50 new followers via a shout out by "Quirky Cooking" last week, I felt I better do a recipe to welcome all these foodies to my art page! I don't post recipes very often, but the ones I post are absolute favourites or a certainty to get right each time. Sometimes I do it just to indulge in some food photography, which is also a passion of mine!! So, here we go.... There is one thing that never happens to me when I get into the 'zone'. The 'zone' being that delightful place in art, where the outside world falls away and its all about paint and mark making. I can forget about housework, jobs to do, kids, pets and hardworking husbands, but forget about food - I CANNOT! I need snacks and cups of tea, to sustain me in my artistic endeavours, or I fade and find myself wasting time and regularly wandering back to the main house to poke around in the fridge and pantry in an attempt to fill the void.copyright 2013 Mia Laing I have learnt to gather my snack supply before unlocking the studio for the day. Taking a plate of healthy morsels, fruit, veggie sticks, tea and a water bottle to get me through to lunch time when I can take a proper break from the easel. After lunch is the worst for me though...I'm not hungry as such, but the energy starts to slump as the hours of standing at the easel and concentrating take effect. When I reach this point, it's so easy to just pack up and head inside for a Nanna nap on the couch - a guilty pastime I rarely give into, but oh my, the thought is often there! I have finally found the solution to this mid arvo energy drain....and I just had to share... An email landed in my inbox a few weeks ago from 'Thermomix'. (My amazing robot in the kitchen) They often share customer recipes, so I hope I am crediting the right person for this amazing creation - Source - Author - Leanne Sloss Leanne uploaded them as Guilt-free Chocolate Balls, but this title is just not creative enough for me. Yes, they are guilt free, yes, they are chocolate, but I'm thinking they should be ' Nanna Nap Negotiators' or 'Power to the Paintbrush Bliss Balls". They are good, seriously good and have passed the taste test by all members of the family, including the biggest one with the sweetest sweet tooth...and they have used up a few more of the endless supply of dates my brother gave us. Win, win. You can read the story of the dates (and get another awesome recipe!) here - Anyway, they are super easy in a Thermomixer and I guess you could make them in a normal food processor that can process nuts. Give them a go.....I beg you!copyright 2013 Mia laing 60g Almonds 60g cashews 60g sunflower seeds 120g dates (no seeds please!) 60g sultanas 1 tsp vanilla essence 2 tablespoons cocoa 1/2 cup desiccated coconut (optional) Prep - 1. Place all ingredients, except coconut, into bowl of thermomixer and blend for 60 seconds on speed 9. Roll into balls in your, scrubbed of all toxic oil paint, hand (roughly 1/2 tablespoon amount makes a medium-sized ball) then roll in coconut. I put the coconut in a zip-lock bag and placed 6 or so balls at a time in it. Give a gentle shake to coat the balls in the coconut...repeat! Refrigerate until firm. Easy. I cannot tell you how simple these are to make and how delicious they are to eat - protein packed, nutritious and delicious. They have also given me an excuse to try out some more food photography! Go on... tell me some crazy titles you think these should be called! Mia xcopyright 2013 Mia laing
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