New Oil Painting - Lunarium by Mia Laing

Oh gosh, I have so many thoughts running through my head. I'm on the continual search for inspiration and my head right now is running away with the need to be writing more, with stories and narrative forming so many of my current artworks.

But where to begin...or is the simple act of sitting at my desk the right beginning and letting the words jumble their way onto the desktop?

My artworks of late have become more story like in their development.


oil on canvas



Take my latest imaginative realism piece, Lunarium...Lunarium is filled with narrative and symbolism. I work on these compositions almost intuitively, starting with the main form and drawing forms and ideas as they arise. Often I'm not sure what the story will be until it's completely developed and then I write the story around the piece.

'Lunarium' started with the suitcases, suitcases being a constant in my imaginative works from the beginning of the shutdowns and restrictions of Covid, in 2020 onwards. Our lack of travel and closures to the outside world (Im firmly locked into Western Australia) have played heavily on my mind. From the placement of the suitcases, I added the lemon tree and stork. I photographed the stork in Italy in 2019 and with a desire to use my own reference photos, it worked well here.

Composition directs my artworks...the tall stork's nest on the right-hand side needed the bulk of the moon (painted in iridescent silver paint) and the red beak, lighthouse, seagull legs and red apple guide the eye around the painting. This is a wonderful guiding concept within the composition.

I titled this 'Lunarium' through my research for a title. I discovered that a lunarium is a device for illustrating the phases of the moon. Written Lunaries have been used for millennia, for 'predicting and planning birth, business, death, illness, marriage, planting and travel.' (Wikipedia)

The Meaning of my 'Lunarium' :

This is a painting about birth and death, family and home. The phases of life from infancy, school days and to eventually encouraging our children to find their wings to fly the nest; the storms we encounter along the way, travel and the joy and comfort of home.

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed painting it!

Maybe you can find your own story and meaning in this painting? I find that so many can find their own lived experience within my creations. Id love to hear what you read within it.

Mia x

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