Introducing My New #almostfamous Pet Portrait Art Series

Have you ever spent time with your beloved pet and wondered who they would be if they were human? Well, I have and my new art series have been born from this pondering.
temp-1 Queen Elizabeth, the 1st Queen of the Corgi's
This all started with my own dog, Rani. Rani was a beautiful Golden Retriever, who we were blessed to love for 13 years. When she was just a puppy, my mum nicknamed her Marilyn, saying she was every bit as blonde and beautiful as the iconic Marilyn Monroe. And so a seed was planted and has finally made its way to fruition. A parody combining animals and iconic photos of famous people and/or animals with an assumed alias.
temp-3 Marilyn, Our beautiful Golden Girl.
I am seeking pets to paint to grow my portfolio of #almostfamous paintings. All you need to do is email me a couple of high resolution images of your pet and a few thoughts on who you think they would be or what career they would have and then let my paintbrush work its magic. For example, my mums cat is called Gypsy. Straight away I know to paint a boho gypsy cat, complete with beads and a crystal ball! Easy. If I paint your pet, you have first option to buy the original, with a 20% discount. You are under no obligation to buy, but please state if you would be an interested buyer. (Postage and handling NOT included. World wide shipping available.)
temp-2 Frida
Eyebrows inspired my 'Frida' portrait.
temp The stunning Audrey with her tiffany blue siamese eyes.
Matron St Bernard is an example of a career #almostfamous pooch. Of course a St Bernard would be a war nurse! It goes without saying. temp And lastly, Wonder Woman the Belgian Shepherd...Fierce but fluffy. temp 2 These will be available as limited edition prints shortly. Email me to be placed on the top of the list. Im open for commissions and collaboration for licensing too....and I do normal pet portraits too! So much fun! Remember to sign up to my newsletter below to see more of these paintings ongoing. Ive got a couple of birds on my easel currently and they are hilarious! Click here to sign up for my monthly newsletter to see my latest artworks! Mia x
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