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It's been a long time between blog posts. An all time personal record of which I am not proud. But you get that sometimes. Ahem..Many times. Anyway, time to start a fresh. What I have started is a brand new 365 photo project, except it's actually a leap year. So 366, here we come! I do enjoy tackling a photo project every second year but with my three person exhibition imminent, I've allowed a few concessions this time around. March will be ridiculously busy with all the last minute stuff involved in a show and April. APRIL. Omg...I can barely even allow my thoughts to meander there. It's going to be CRAZEEEE. It would be ridiculous to even think I could manage a perfect daily photo whilst setting up and holding a two week show, years project is allowed to be a photo taken on current day OR from the archives, posted daily or whenever I can get around to it. Yep. My rules, my whatever. Win, win. I get to indulge in my favourite pastime of daily photography and I get to find favourite photos that have only ever seen the inside of a hard drive. Find a beautiful, meaningful quote, BAM, we are all happy. Anyone else doing a photo project? Let me know...I love seeing what others are up to. Anyway...News from the studio...Christmas holidays have given me a few images that have potential as paintings. I've just about finished painting toward the exhibition (opening 1st April) and am now focussing on the annual art prize events around Perth. Exciting, busy times but with school holidays still on for another 3 weeks, the studio time for a mum that paints juggle struggle is real. Aside from the fact that its been as hot as Hades and my little portable aircon has been struggling to keep me from damnation.
copyright Mia Laing 2016 WIP - Yet to be titled or finished!! Oil on canvas. 24x30'
As you can see, I've already used one of my daily photos to paint from , taken on our recent Christmas holiday in Esperance. Amazing Western Australia and her stunning beaches. The beauty of doing a daily photo project is the super abundance of reference images it gives me. I will often take a photo with a painting, or at least an idea in mind and snap away until I think I've got something to work with. My poor girls..."just one more, just one more." It's good to be back at the easel, my blog and at the beginning of a super exciting 2016. Say Hi and let me know your art/photography plans for the year... Mia x
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