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copyright Mia Laing 2014 day 29 - 29th jan
So, so blessed to be Home, sweet, comfortable, my favourite place to be home. Blessed by 3 weeks of adventure and blessed by always, always loving coming home after the joy of travel.
Did we seriously return from our holiday just ten days ago? How does life have a way of making it feel you have never been away the moment you get home? Why Oh Why??
copyright Mia Laing 2014 day 30 - 30th jan
Grateful for the normalcy of home, blessed by having my delightful fur children back by my side, blessed to find my photos all looking amazing and for the way they hold the memory of a holiday alive.
School's back. The routine is slowly enforcing itself…and thank goodness, my studio has been rediscovered! Painting has been done. Not much, but any is a good start!
copyright Mia Laing 2014 Day 31 - 31st jan
Its back to normality here…school went back today. yep, a friday, weird. Anyway, blessed by a quiet house with just me and the fur kids; blessed by debriefing the house of holiday clutter and getting my thoughts switched back into art mode…studio time - HERE I COME!!!
copyright Mia Laing 2014 Day 32 - 1st Feb
Grateful for a quiet day at home to rest a sore throat; blessed by time spent cleaning my studio, planning the year ahead; grateful for the silence of an empty house whilst the peeps are off having fun.
Especially seeing I've had a shocker of an airplane cold. This week I WILL get more done…I have projects mounting up, ideas a plenty and motivation by the palette load.
copyright Mia Laing 2014 Day 33 - 2nd Feb
Blessed by wonderful time back in the studio after a 7 week break. Blessed by quality swiss pencils to try experimenting with. grateful the Swiss know how to make awesome art materials, chocolate and watches!! I bought all of the above!!
Monet and Manet Quin have enjoyed their week...
copyright Mia laing 2014 Day 34 - 3rd feb
Blessed by 18 years of marriage today, to a wonderful, hard-working man. A marriage that has been blessed by two wonderful children who love and adore their Daddy. Grateful for the life we have built together. Happy Anniversary Dudie!
and have been joined by a new Quin…Say Hi to Minet - the smallest art companion and a very thoughtful anniversary gift from Dudie.
copyright Mia laing 2014
Day 35 - 4th feb
Blessed by a hubby bringing me a special anniversary gift - a new 'Mini' art companion to keep in my handbag for photos when I am out and about. I am so grateful for his thought as I know after 18 years of marriage, gift giving is not his love language! (I also received a crepe pan and oil canister, so he totally excelled himself!) PS. He received nothing except a wife with a head cold. Nice dinner tonight.) Grateful for Facebook friends suggestions for a name for my little friend - Welcome to the Gratitude Adventures Minet Quin. Thank you Lorri and sorry Guili, Mona was almost, almost the one! Louis-Emile Minet was a nature artist in the 19th century. Love this little piece of history Lorri found. Obviously my art history knowledge needs some work!! So there you go - Minet it is.
copyright Mia laing 2014 Day 36 - 5th Feb
Last of the cherry days I think! Blessed by abundant summer fruits and quality fruit and vegetables always at our fingertips, unlike so many struggling people of the world. Grateful that my head cold is finally lifting and I can feel some clarity again. Grateful for quiet days to get back in the studio.
copyright Mia Laing 2014 Day 37 - 6th Feb
Thank you to my gorgeous sister-in-law for posting this beautiful poem. What an amazing friend you are. Grateful to love my ordinary life, right down to the dust bunnies in the corners. Blessed to be teaching this to my children…hopefully, ever hopefully.
Doing this 365 photo project helps me to grab a little extra thought and creativity into my day. To mindfully view what I'm enjoying in my day and to try to capture it with a bit of imagination…it is a challenge and I hope you are enjoying it so far?
copyright Mia Laing 2014 Day 38 - 7th feb
It's all about the 'Bel of the Ball' today…Bel has been invited to a friends school ball. She is so excited! her own school ball is in two weeks, so it's a double blessing! Blessed by a confident girl, happy in her own skin. Blessed to see her growing up into a gorgeous young lady and for her finding a great group of friends that are caring and respectful. Finding her wings…slowly, carefully, beautifully and with strength.
I promise I will post my paintings as I finish them too…it won't be just about the Quins this year.
copyright Mia Laing 2014 Day 39 - 8th Feb
Grateful for my girl having such a fun, safe time at the ball last night. Blessed by the traditions of old - corsages are still given by shy boys to their beautiful dates. Grateful that we are one ball done and just one to go! School work is waiting!
copyright Mia Laing 2014 Day 40 - 9th Feb
Blessed by an hour on the beach this morning, with barely anyone but Dude, Bon and her friend to share it with; sleepovers for 'bestie' friends; gentle breezes and sand between my toes.
I'm working on my entry for the Mosman Park Art awards at the moment. At their last exhibition, two years ago, I won the People's Choice Award for 'Look Before You Leap'.
Mia Laing - mymiasart.com 'Look Before You Leap'
People's Choice Prize Winner - Mosman Park Art Awards
I'm excited to give it my best this year…paint brushes crossed! Watch this space…hopeful I will get it finished this week…or next. Wishing you some paint under your finger nails. Mia x
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