Rottnest RnR

Off the west coast of Perth, there lies a much-loved and well utilised island, known as Rottnest. For Perthites, who can afford the rather steep accommodation prices, it offers a unique, layed back break from normal life. With bicycles as the only means of fast transport, everything slows down to a holiday crawl. Kids find friends to play beach games with, adults find like-minded adults to share a glass of wine with as they watch the little people play. It's a leisurely, slow-paced holiday in the sun. We have just returned from some "Rotto" Rest and Relaxation. Made all the better in that we bring our own accommodation, kitchen and balcony, in the form of a floating caravan...otherwise known as a boat.This way we get to change our view depending on how we feel (or what the wind is doing). Dude has chanced upon the 3 most important ladies in his life, all being very much at ease on the water, even when it blows a gale and we have a rocking, rolling holiday. Somehow we all remain stoically unaffected by sea sicknesses and apart from a few extra bruises in really rough weather we are all ok. This week the weather was sublime. Barely a ripple on the ocean. Warm enough to swim, cool enough to sleep. And sleep we did, like babies, gently swayed in our mothers arms. We tend not to take any technology onto the boat, apart from our phones, (for emergency Facebook usage only!!) and so tend to go to bed realllllllly early cause there ain't nothing else to do once the sun goes down! We read and chat and tell stories in the dark. Just like in the olden days. Our girls love it. Rottnest offers some wonderful photo opportunities. I haven't managed to upload any from this week yet, but last holiday I managed to take HUNDREDS!! Ridiculous, I know. I made a conscientious decision to put the camera down this time and just chill. It ...was....very...hard, but I did it, I think. Or maybe not. Help me. I have a problem. Anyway, 2 weeks ago, I finished a painting I did from that last holiday. Miss 14, enjoying a quiet stroll . Quiet only for that quarter of a second I chanced to get this beautiful shot. I haven't named this painting yet. Often a title pops into my head as I paint. Not this time though. I need some help! Please.... x Mia
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