Summer Storm - Oil on canvas

I Love clouds. Miss 14 says I have a cloud fetish. I'm glad you can't buy clouds because I'd have a cupboard full of them, getting in the way of all my shoes. I came across a blog the other day, belonging to a man with a severe cloud fetish, though I think in men it's called "Clouditis". Anyway, his fixation is much worse than mine. For the past 3 years, he has taken a photo of clouds EVERYDAY!!! Now there's committment. I don't know why I love clouds so much? Maybe it's the incredible height, shapes and over whelming beauty they can have. It may have come about from being a child of an airline pilot. We travelled a lot. I have never lost that excitement of being in a plane as it descends through the clouds to clear sky below and you get the first glimpse of your destination. Twinkling city lights, sprawling suburban rooftops or villages hugging a coastline. I painted "Summer Storm" from two photos I took whilst on holiday in Byron Bay, New South Wales. The whole 5 days we were there, we had torrential rain and thunder storms. Not unusual for many parts of the world I know, but it was January and therefore the height of summer in Australia which is not usually a very wet time! The clouds were magnificent, created by the heat and humidity and all that science!It was immensely satisfying to paint "Summer Storm". Time consuming ? Yes. Challenging? Definitely and I'm glad to say I still have plenty of cloud photos in my (vast!) collection to paint.Enjoy,x Mia
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