'Surf's Up' New Painting March 2014

copyright Mia laing 2014 'Surf's Up'
Oil on canvas March 2014
In my quest to bring this blog up to date, I've realised there are a few paintings that haven't had their moment of glory in the written word... Let me introduce you to 'Surf's Up', or as I have been known to call it, 'The Dude's'. Painted Struggled with in March, a figurative landscape, painted from a photo I took in 2010, in Byron Bay, NSW, that at times had me wanting to thrown down my paintbrushes…capturing the reflections and the feel of a stormy, steamy, overcast day pushed me out of my comfort zone a number of times.
copyright Mia Laing 2014 Detail from 'Surf's Up' 2014
Well, perseverance pays off…as of saturday morning, 'Surf's Up' has officially SOLD!! I've had it hanging in Perth city centre for the past two weeks, at the SAVE Exhibition, in support of the African Rhino foundation. Collection for all unsold paintings was saturday. Dutifully, I trudged into the city to pick up my two paintings; had a chat with the organiser about how terribly slow sales were this year. There were many, many people interested in the art show but NO sales, yep, there were NONE this year compared with 25% sales in the last two exhibitions for SAVE. Such is the state of the economy and the dire state of the art world.
ENEX100 Building - Perth City ENEX100 Building - Perth City
Prime position - ENEX 100 building Perth City Prime position - ENEX 100 building Perth City
copyright Mia Laing 2014 Simple, contemporary shadow box framing of 'Surf's Up'.
So, the story continues, I got my 2 paintings home, made a cup of tea, pondered where to stack these paintings back into my vast collection…and promptly received a phone call that 'Surf's Up' had just sold!!! A lady had seen it late friday and had left a message saturday morning to buy it. Wow. Very, very happy, especially as no other pieces sold and there was some stunning work on display…let me tell you, Perth has some amazingly talented artists, just not the buyers needed to support them. Paint brushes crossed people will start buying art again. Its hurting. At least I have my regular cheering squad here on WP and FB. 'If you like an artist but can't afford their art, share their work with others, let them know who made it. It's honestly so valuable.' (Pinterest) Such true words. The support I get from my Wordpress and Facebook page really and truly helps get me through the quiet times, the doubt, the indecision and frustration….and gives me a brilliant cheer for the good times! Thanks you lot. Mia x
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