The Dust of Everyday Life

copyright Mia Laing Sunshine joy
Finally I feel I can breathe again. The last few weeks have been H.A.R.D. 16 year old Bel had exams, which she got through with minimal stress and just a few tears. Mum (and Dad's) taxi's were on many extra shifts with littlest girl making it onto the school cross-country team, plus hockey, plus dance, and needing to be places regularly at the crack of dawn and other odd times and there was stuff...just stuff... that got into my head and heart and left me feeling out of sorts and ever so slightly unhinged. Bel also had a whole week off from school after finishing all her exams in the first 4 days of the two-week exam block. Lucky her...lucky me! She had her art portfolio to work on and wanted...begged.. to use oils. She took to my easel like Monet to a bridge over a lily filled pond. She's a natural!
copyright Mia Laing Learning to paint with oils...she's a natural!
She took a stunning photo of a lemon slice a few months ago...setting up a lamp in her darkened room to capture the translucency of the flesh. I love how teens think...its an awesome shot.
copyright Mia Laing Translucency
I showed her how to decipher the tones and how to isolate the various colours to help with colour mixing.
copyright Mia Laing Checking tones and isolating colour
She got it so very, very fast. Minutes in fact!! She was thrilled and inspired... and totally took over my studio for the week. I barely checked on her as she didn't need any help... its left me thinking I may need to purchase a second easel and extend my studio space sometime soon!
copyright Mia Laing First layer almost on
So, with all this going on, my creativity has been at a big, fat zero. No writing, no painting...nothing. I just couldn't find the space...physically with Bel in there... or mentally.
copyright Mia Laing Bel's finished (?) artwork.
Thank goodness for a hubby that knows when a 'Mum that paints...but currently isn't' needs time out, or in, as the case may be...It was a long weekend here - WA Day (formerly known as Foundation day) - and Dudie took his 3 girls, Bel, Bon and his beloved boat to Rottnest for three days. Yippee!!!!!!!!! WoooHooooo!! There is nothing that 3 days and two nights of 'me' time can't fix. I painted up a storm. I started this...
copyright Mia laing The beginnings of 'Summer Storm' 2.
and finished this...
copyright Mia Laing 'The Reader'
Oil on Canvas - 2013
and finished a photography assignment (module nine of the 'Photography Institute')... and deleted hundreds of emails... and cleaned, cause Mum duties never go away... and cared for Fur child, who has a creaky hip... and read words of wisdom... and slept in... and wrote this! I feel better now. I needed an art fix. It never ceases to amaze me just how much I NEED to be creative for my soul to breathe. "Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life." Thank you Mr speak my language. Wishing everyone some soul dusting, Mia x
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