The Inspiration Behind My Helping Hand Series

The magnificent seasonal flowers of Perth's gardens inspires my ongoing Helping Hands series. My dog walks with golden girl Gracie take me meandering daily around my local streets, my eyes wide open to the seasonal blooms and blossoms and other treasures such as these fallen feathers...I was super happy the day I found that kookaburra feather. The Monarch butterfly painting evolved after watching the butterflies in Nannup last spring. 

Feathers 30x40cm Oil (Available) 

There are so many floral varieties that I have never appreciated until the last few years .  I regret all those years snubbing my nose to Australian and South African natives, recalling the dried, dusty and rather pathetic arrangements in the 70's and 80's. How times and tastes change, thank goodness.

I ask neighbours for small clippings or snaps bits off the more abundant trees and bushes as I walk. Luckily though, I also I have an amazing local florist who supplies me with varieties that are harder to pilfer discreetly from my neighbours gardens.   

Flowers By Janie has a bush block in Yallingup in our beautiful south west and regularly does a Perth drop. Fresh, stunning blooms. 

 I started this series in 2022 and have painted 9 so far. I have another three drawn up ready for their colour. I have at least another 10 photos ready to use, but of course, the possibilities are endless. 

The top three of this photo are available, the rest have sold and have gone to live in beautiful houses all over Australia.  Next on my easel is a wisteria, some more gum blossom and sunflowers. 


Mia x


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