We Heart the beach

We had a super dooper busy day yesterday. It was HOT and tiring and HOT. Did I mention HOT? We recently bought a small apartment near our house, to be used by family when they come to visit us. Miss 14 has declared her room as her rightful place of rest and would rather not be removed from it for weeks at a time. We get it. Especially when we added up, that in one year she was out of her room for approximately 4 months! We get that we have alot of guests and yes, we are loved. It's a small investment for us; a "home away from home" for our visitors, and an eventual Girl Zone for when Dude and I fly the nest to do some major world travel and leave the "Miss's in their twenties" in a smaller, more manageable space. We are also going to use it as a short term holiday apartment, for when we are not being loved. Anyway, it was 35 degrees yesterday, celcius that is! Did I mention it was HUMID and that the airconditioner does NOT work!! We put together a queen bed, a bunk, a table and 4 chairs. We installed a fridge, a microwave and 3 sets of blinds. Assembled a huge L shaped couch and zipped all the slipcovers onto it. I also scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom until they gleamed. We trudged up and down a flight of stairs a zillion times with all the cardboard from our purchases. We sweated and slaved for 5 hours, but we got it done. All without raised voices... whinging.... or injuries, emotional or other. I'm very proud of the four of us, considering IKEA wrote the manual on "How to Dismantle your Marriage with Just One Allan key". At 6 oclock, with bodies so tired we could barely pull on our bathers, we headed for the beach. What a difference a swim and a sunset makes to the spirit. And a beer and pizza!Wave RunnerAlways the DancerAction Shot - playing with my settings!SunsetThe path home, Think I also enjoyed my camera! x Mia
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