Happy New Year!

I say it every year...but how the heck are we here again? 

2023.  Have I got some plans for you...

Well, I will have plans in the next few days or weeks or months, as I havn't quite worked them out yet or written them down like all the gurus tell us is most important. 

I've been chasing my tail for the last few months and feel the most disorganised I have ever been going into a new year.  Not to be deterred, I'm positive it will sort its self out once I get back into a routine and open my studio door a little more often. 

I don't like making New Year Resolutions as a general rule, Ive written about that here. Plans are so much better than a whole set of resolutions that so easily get broken or become guilt ridden when they are not achieved. 

Ive got some ideas in my mind that need a little more pondering. Ive also got a new vase....this is a good enough start to some new paintings for the moment. 

Most importantly, Ive got a new website...my goodness, this has been a hard won addition to my art business. 

I liked my last website...it was made for me a few years ago and served its purpose, but now I am confident with online sales and all the logistics with moving art Australia wide and internationally, my old website just wasn't keeping up with e-commerce and online shopping.  

5 weeks of hard work, discussion with a new web designer, plenty of spread sheets and a few grey hairs and viola!  A new website is born. A move from a very clunky, out dated, decade old and dysfunctional Wordpress site to a shopify site.  I even changed my domain.  Happy days.

Thank you to Clayton from Smith Social.  I'm absolutely sure I gave Clayton a few grey hairs too. 

I will endeavour to do a more involved blog soon on my move from Wordpress to shopify.  It was pretty involved and needed a fair amount of organisation, but Im so thrilled how its turned out. Any questions, fire away. 

Anyway, that's it for now.  

Wishing you all a very happy, safe and healthy New Year. May you be blessed with time with family, friends...or a paintbrush. 

Mia x 

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