Hello...It's Me...Again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASheepishly I find myself at my keyboard, wondering just how on earth to catch up on a blog that hasn't been touched in nearly nine months. I've started and typed and deleted and started all over again, trying to find the right words to crank up my once beloved page, now gone rusty from lack of love. I was about to give up once again when I took the time to reread some of my past entries, especially some of the earlier ones, when I used to write straight from my heart, knowing that I was primarily writing to an audience of a few just two , with Mum and Dad being my only readers. It was really great looking back, having a chuckle and a smile at the photos, remembering forgotten stories, groaning at some poor editing and basic grammar mistakes and wondering how on earth to bring back the chatty, personable nature of these early ramblings. Knowing that between Facebook, Instagram and this blog, I now have an audience of a few thousand makes it just a little bit more daunting. I am firstly, a painter. It's what I do day in and day out and it's immensely satisfying...but I do love to write and really want to combine these two passions ongoing. But. I'm. Scared. You guys are freaking me out! I just want to write about stuff...any stuff that comes into my overly meandering brain; my pondering's of life from the end of a paintbrush, the good, the boring and the ridiculous, but I'm fully aware of the judgement and fury that can descend on me from the Grammar Police when I get a comma out-of-place or use too many of these ........ and the irritation that I may cause to those following purely for art tips and only want to know whether to use a filbert or a rigger and what medium I use. So, this is my disclaimer. Read it and action appropriately : If you are accepting of art ramblings, my personal opinions, indulgence in blowing my own art trumpet, the occasional WooHoooo when there is exciting news, open displays of affection towards puppies (coming soon), an over sharing of my own photos, the occasional slump into doubt and insecurity, general chitter chatter and huge levels of camaraderie and support toward other artists, creatives and even normal people, follow me. Otherwise don't. SIMPLE. Hope you stick around and say Hi every now and then! To start off some news and get you all up to speed...I have a few other places you can follow me: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mymiasart/ Instagram- (for my art) mialaing_artist and my new photography instagram page - prettyasapixel.mia Mia x
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