International Womens Day

I don't usually pay much attention to what "Day" it is around the world, more often than not, barring Christmas Day and Easter and Mothers/Fathers Day, there are just too many "Days" to take note. There are though, some amazing and well known International / Australian Days on the yearly calendar - Anzac Day, Australia Day, April Fools Day, Valentines Day, Harmony Day, to name just a few. Then we have the 'days' that you really only hear of if you have your eyes and ears open to the world around you and don't live in complete la-la land - Clean up Australia Day, Daffodil Day, Cupcake Day (RSPCA), World's Greatest Shave (Leukaemia Foundation), Walk Safely to School Day, RSPCA Million Paws Walk, 65 Roses Day(Cystic Fibrosis), Movember, Red Nose Day (SIDS), Jeans for Genes Day (Children's Medical Research institute) 40 Hour Famine (slightly more than 1 Day!). The list is endless. Then we have the slightly more obscure 'days', still rewarding and I am by no means knocking these days; they are there to remind us of what so many people and countries have as trials in their every day lives - "World Rabies Day, World Post day, Global Hand washing day, World Toilet day, World Television day (United Nations), International Mountains day (UNited Nations), World Vegan Day, Stress Down Day (Lifeline Australia), National Hoodie Day (Australian Indigenous Mentoring). There are seriously hundreds to choose from, we could celebrate and be charitable! Today though, it is International Womens Day...a time to celebrate the contribution and achievements of all women. A time to remember the barriers that we have undone and the accomplishments that have been made despite the barriers. For me, a suburban Mum, blessed with healthy children, a happy marriage, a roof over our heads (and a Damn nice one at that), money in the bank and food on the table it feels naive and almost pathetic celebrating this day when there are so many women who struggle just to survive a day of their lives. In spite of war, poverty, drought, violation and domestic violence, women survive. These are the women this day is celebrating. Women that have the power and resilience to carry on. Who have every reason to give up, but don't. That give us all, the courage and hope that life can go on, that recovery is possible, that the world is becoming a better place into which to be born a female. One of my all time favourite books is "Half the Sky - How to change the World" by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn. NOT a fun, easy read, but an essential read , rewarding to a women's spirit, to know that we can make this world a better place for our girl matter where you live. "Half The Sky" shows us that women are the solution to tackle poverty, disease and conflict. That it's all about investing in girl's education, education, education and that this may be the 'highest-return investment in the developing world'. So, Happy International Womens day, wherever you may live. Celebrate, even if it's just because you can turn on a tap and get clean drinking water! Celebrate that you can feed the family tonight and sleep in a comfy bed. Celebrate that you can help your kids with their beastly homework tonight, because they have homework, and that means they are getting an education. Celebrate your blessings and live in hope for a better world for the many who need it. x Mia
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