Life's Like That

Tuesday. 'Me' day, well one of them anyway. A day when I head to my studio with my old jeans on, my mind focussed on painting and a kick butt attitude to get myself into a productive painting day. Or that's what is supposed to happen... Yesterday Bon had the afternoon off from school (it was a half day for parent/teacher meetings) . She spent it at the beach, hanging out with two friends (and a mum!) thoroughly enjoying the glorious warm weather we are still having here in Perth. She came home complaining of a sore knee, which gradually seemed to feel worse as the evening progressed. We are very accustomed to aching knees in this family. Bel has a long history of them, having dislocated her knee a few years ago, stepping over the lawn mower in the back garden! Sadly , she can't even brag that she did it skateboarding or roller blading... No, just stepping! Anyway after numerous physiotherapist appointments and NEARLY popped again knees, strapping and braces, then eventually an MRI (that showed up a genetic predisposition to dislocation) we know a thing or two about dodgy knees...and we tend to ignore the occasional, "My knee is sore" muttering. But this morning, poor ol Bon could barely walk. She loves school, to the point of geekiness and tried in vain to show that she could still go, but mean ol me, made her stay on the couch with an ice pack. And so it began...the marathon eating fest by my little on earth does she survive only a recess and lunch break at school all day? I gave up any thoughts of painting after a realisation that I would be spending my day on nursing and kitchen staff duties ! From her comfy couch spot, watching the tv (and doing a bit of spelling and math) she requested (over a period of 5 hours)....2 pieces of toast and Vegemite, popcorn, grapes, cookies, scrambled egg on toast, yoghurt and more grapes, water and banana bread. I was half expecting a milk and milo request at any time! Funny thing is, she's as small and skinny as a twig....tomorrow I fill her lunch box to overfull! With the school day at a close, and 'Mum's taxi service' done, dinner prepped and ready to eat, some errands completed...I've not even glanced into my studio. But that's OK. That's what I love about working (if you can call it that - it feels more like fun to me) from home. I get to be a mum whenever and however it's needed. I love that I didn't have to make a hasty, crazy rearranging of my day to compensate for a kid with a sore knee. That I just pulled on a different set of clothes from my usual painting attire and went about my day with a revised set of plans... Best thing of all? I managed to throw in a guilt free 20 minute shut-eye (snooze, Nanna nap, snappie - whatever you call it! ) in the middle of my day...cause I could! DIVINE!!! x Mia
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