M.I.A. Part 2

Low tide Mauritius
It's come to that time of the year when I go just as my name dictates - M. I. A. - 'Missing in Action'. Mum life has been super busy and the Mum that paints has gone A.W.O.L. - 'Absent without Leave'!!! I went M.I.A. at this time last year too...read about it here. http://mymiasart.com/2011/12/15/m-i-a-missing-in-action-intelligent-functioning-human-being/ Mum duties take precedence over painting in the weeks leading up to the long summer break and I can happily breathe a sigh of relief that I have accomplished all I set out to do this year with my art and I can now take time out to enjoy the holidays; take a massive amount of photos and plan my work for 2013. The last few weeks have been crazy...fun crazy, but crazy all the same. It started with my Mama's Christmas Ballroom Dance for 60 people....the girls both helped me this year with the set up and supper preparation. Mum does it all so beautifully. She has run this dance now for 12 years. It was weekly for many years but she now runs it monthly, allowing her time to travel and relax and generally lead a very busy, active social life. You are amazing Mama!!
Min and Bel - at Mama's Seniors Christmas ballroom Dance 2012
Then there was the wedding of a beautiful young friend of ours...the highlight of our year, without a doubt. We have known Helen since she was 15 years old... She was the girl's favourite (and only!) babysitter for many, many years and Bel is now the same age as when she started working for us. Crazy. The girl's had never been to a wedding before (Bel was at my brother's but she was only 18 months old, so it doesnt count!) so it was very special that it was Helen's ...Bon sat mesmerized the whole night, happy to quietly people watch. Bel? She had the time of her life! She danced the whole night away with all the mid twenty year olds!! What a joy to see her have so much fun.
Young Love
And this weekend was Bon's end of year dance concerts. Full on. 7 hour's of dress rehearsal and concert on friday night followed by a second concert on saturday night. Late, late nights for such a little person. We have entered this week very bleary eyed!
Stage rehearsal
We are exhausted and it's not over yet! Exams, Primary school graduation and school concerts still to come... There is also that little issue of Christmas shopping!!! Yikes...where to start? I NEED to start. Help! If I just ignore the Christmas shopping do you think it will just happen...all by itself? It works like that for Dudie. Hmmm... Any way....I sold a big painting last week. YEAH!!!! 'Vintage Roses' has a new home. Mia Laing - My Mia's ArtA beautiful newly built home in Nedlands. Stunning. 'Vintage Roses' looks amazing, hung just inside the front door, with the light falling perfectly on it. I am so thrilled that it has gone to such a gorgeous setting. What a great feeling. And, I also finished this....
Low tide Mauritius
My biggest painting to date. 1.8 x 900mm. It's going to Dudie's new offices in Subiaco. Prime position in the reception. I took this photo in Mauritius about 4 years ago. Beautiful, stunning Mauritius. I love everything about this image ...the colour, the reflections, the calm and peacefulness of the scene. It was taken at Christmas time too! Good memories. It was wonderful to paint and I am very pleased at the result, especially given the size. Happy times...busy times. I'm looking forward to taking a breather over Christmas and the school holidays. I'm NOT looking forward to the end of my 365 photo project on Facebook though. I'm going to miss it...but not enough to do it again.... just yet! The question is...what shall I do next year on Facebook to keep interest and posts going? Got any great ideas...let me know!! Mia x
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