Mellenbye Station Yalgoo Western Australia

I am a big believer in nature as a cure for just about every ailment…particularly the ailment of low mojo and lack of motivation with creative pursuits. 
I seem to be continually juggling the busyness of family and life in the sandwich generation…trying to be a good mother and a good daughter, along with my busy art business, marketing, emails, social media and the hustle, hustle, hustle that it takes to get eyes upon art in a poor economy. 
A short holiday to the outback was the answer.
the outback starts here
Twice now we have stayed on Mellenbye Staion, in Yalgoo, the beginning of the outback.  We loved it so much after the first visit, we wanted to see it again in a totally different season.
September last year we were lucky to snag a cabin for the last few weeks of the wildflower season. We enjoyed two nights in Jurien Bay, driving daily to some of the bigger wildflower hotspots, such as Coalseam.
We booked Mellenbye Station for three nights, before heading to Geraldton for two nights and then home.  A week away in total and thousands of kilometres driven!
This  year with just went to  Mellenbye, with my husband securing a fabulous cabin for 3 nights, just long enough to get some fresh air, wow at the stars and do some exploring of this magical place.
Mellenbye Station is the perfect taste of the outback for non campers like myself. I do not enjoy tents, shared bathrooms or primitive accomodation and luckily for me, Mellenbye offers super cute clean cabins with comfy beds, ensuite bathrooms and even air conditioning!  What more could a princess want?
For all you intrepid travellers and back to basics campers, there are plenty of options for tents, caravans and even shearer’s quarters beds…crazy I tell you, crazy.
Shaw Cabin
Shaw Cabin 
We pottered around, did some walking, driving, bird watching and there are donkeys, camel and lots of cows to see….and hear.  My goodness, those cattle can create a chorus of a thousand voices when feeling frisky!
We’ve now stayed in the ‘Shaw Cabin’ and ‘The Manor’  and I can highly recommend both. ‘The Manor’ was very spacious and had a fully equipped kitchen for those needing it.  ‘Shaw Cabin’ has a very limited kitchenette, but the fun is cooking on the open fire pit under the stars.  Take all your food and water, the closest town is a huge drive away…just how I like my holidays.
I actually managed to do some plein air painting this trip.
Im not a regular or experienced plein air painter, so I took a kit of gouache and a small watercolour book to make it easier to set up for quick sessions.  It was fabulous to set up my tripod and procade box within minutes and paint without the audience that some plein air sessions can involve.  I really enjoyed getting into nature and painting in a small format and really should do it more often. For some reason I procrastinate getting out regularly.  I can see just how incredible it is for advancing painting skills.
Gouache is such a versatile medium.  Ive got a lot to learn and with a European summer holiday on the cards, I really do need to get a better understanding of it for travel journaling. Small beginnings. 
Wishing you all some happy travelling and painting!

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