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Kidogo J.A.M.

My goodness it's been a busy 6 months. I have been bunkered down in my studio painting a new body of work that is almost ready for my upcoming 3 person show. I cannot wait to get it all finished, signed, varnished and hung ready for visitors! The count down is certainly on.

November 14th is the opening night, in Fremantle, Western Australia, at Kidogo Art House, a unique and beautiful historic gallery on the coast.

My fellow artists in this show are Joanne Duffy and Alix Korte, two artists I have long admired for their artistic endeavours. We are all established Perth artists and this exhibition will depict the uniqueness of our individual practises, but with the theme of summer and its warmth, light and beauty binding us together.

Jo Duffy, an abstract expressionist, depicts the essence of summer in atmospheric and emotive landscapes.
Alix Korte, a contemporary realist, has captured the movement and heat of summer with impressionistic renderings of birdlife, water and landscape.
I am presenting my realist works of both figurative and still-life genre and will be displaying work that celebrates the joyful play, tastes and sights of summer life on the coast of Western Australia.

I hope you will join us to celebrate this wonderful body of work.

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Mia x

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