Portrait of a Rose x 2

Seriously, what is with the busyness factor in November and December? Its cra…cra…crazy! I feel like writing "Dear Diary, its been three weeks since I blogged…" Yep, just like my teenage self, all those years ago, when I wanted to write often, but never did. Three weeks…my standards have slipped!

I have excuses…many...but I won't bore you with the details. Lets just say, the mothership has landed and with it a huge number of jobs, appointments and end of year functions.

Art has, of course, landed on the back burner. It's still being done, but ever so slowly compared to normal. Mind you, I've finished a double portrait in the last 3 weeks…(and a christmas gift that's still under wraps)...

copyright Mia laing 2013 'Portrait of a Rose'
Oil on Canvas 24x30inch/ 61x76cm
copyright Mia laing 2013 'Portrait of a Rose 2'
Oil on Canvas 2013
24x30 NFS

Yep…its my girls again! Told you I needed some more models. They are painted as two separate canvas' but hang beautifully together. Designed to be separated in the years to come when the girls fly the nest and I can offload a huge number of paintings to THEIR homes!!!

copyright Mia laing 2013 'Fragrant Beauty'
Oil on Canvas -2013

I did a fair bit of adjusting from the original photos. I took the photos without painting in mind and therefore the lighting in both was quite different from each other…a bit of tweaking made them work better as a pair. The vast expanses of skin were definitely a challenge, especially when I was making tonal adjustments. Getting the warmth and light to match better between the two paintings, plus capturing the reflected colour from the roses, took some use of the old brain space!

copyright Mia Laing 2013 Rose portrait detail
copyrightMia Laing 2013 Detail from rose portraits

Very happy! Next challenge please…after a break!

I am now in the downward slide to a January artist sabbatical. Its damn hot in the studio in January, the kids are with me 24/7 and its adventure time! Watch this space for some, hopefully, magical photos.

I take the long school holidays to get my head around the following years projects…a month of planning, pondering and gathering reference photos. 2014 is going to be a busy year, I can just feel it in my palette. I've done 17 (completed!) paintings this year…one more than last year by my reckonings! Most have been large. 30x40 inches (76x117cm).

That's why I'm taking a breather!

Maybe I should plan some blog posts whilst I'm at it? Nah...

I prefer writing by the seat of my paint splattered jeans...

Mia x

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