'Sunny Girl'

copyright 2013 Mia Laing 'Sunny Girl'
Oil on Canvas - 2013
Perth Royal Agricultural Show Entry 2013
"WOW", my painting tutor said when I showed him this painting. He didn't see it until it was finished, until I was ready for his professional eye to critique it. I momentarily took his "WOW" to mean there was plenty of mistakes. Apparently not, that WOW was a real WOW. It was followed by a high five...all this from a very reserved, quiet, hold back on any superficial compliments, gentle Thai man. I was grinning from ear to ear. Believe me. I looked crazy. All the hard work, commitment, hours of quiet (at times lonely) painting, self-doubt and second guessing just fell away. Finally, in this one painting, I have managed to remember two years of lessons...to put my photography skills into getting a good reference photo, to plan a strong composition, to squint, squint, squint to get the tones correct, sharpen the focal point and soften gradually away from this focus, get warmth into the skin tones...and cool where it's needed, check and recheck my drawing to keep the facial structure correct...and above all, to do all this whilst enjoying and believing in myself! Phew. 'Sunny Girl' is my entry into The Perth Royal Agricultural Show in September/October. The Royal show attracts over 400000 visitors each year, making this art show the most viewed art exhibition in the west. It's hard to stand out amid the hundreds of pieces of art on display. I've learnt not to worry about this or trying to sell and to just paint whats in my heart and to the best of my ability. I'm happy with my entry for these reasons alone. Last year I painted this:
copyright 2012 Mia Laing/ mymiasart.com 'Joy'
Oil on canvas 2012
entry Perth Royal Agricultural Show 2012

and the year before, this:

Oil on Canvas - Exhibited in the Perth Royal Agricultural Show 2011 'Long Summer day'
Oil on Canvas - 2011
Exhibited in the Perth Royal Agricultural Show 2011
Hmmm....they are all of Bon. Better do Bel next year...and for another two years after that! Fair's fair. School goes back on wednesday...and guess where I will be heading after two weeks holiday, totally resting and relaxing with the kids? Yep, back to the studio and an exciting term of projects. See you next week my friends, with paint under my fingernails no doubt! What are your creative plans this week? Have you just spent the last two weeks in your pyjamas? Wish me luck and prayers for the show...thank you! Mia x
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